Passenger ship
Elena took on the challenging task of refurbishing two passenger riverboats, each with their interiors already dismantled. With fifty rooms of various categories on board each vessel, the designer had to start from scratch to create new settings for cabins and public areas while overseeing the renovation process. The deadline was set at just five months, as the riverboats were scheduled to embark on cruises along the route from Nizhny Novgorod to St. Petersburg in May.

Elena's goal was to provide travelers with an experience comparable to staying in a high-quality hotel. To achieve this, she meticulously designed the new interiors, taking into account the ergonomics and constraints posed by water travel. She strategically added accents, introducing a vibrant orange color scheme and decorative elements. In parallel, she also crafted conceptual proposals for the luxurious cabins of the cruise liner "Mustai Karim," owned by the same client.

Despite the inherent complexities and challenges that arise during any construction project, the riverboats set sail on their scheduled routes right on time.